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Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Peru! It was rather bumpy (too many ridiculously early wake-up calls and LONG, sometimes scary, bus rides) but I saw some amazing places. It was particularly exciting to visit Machu Picchu on the winter solstice and in its 100th anniversary year. Traveling during the winter solstice (time of the Inti Raymi celebration) also meant some extra hassle, but it was exciting to observe the festivities that are part of their culture. The best surprise was the visit to the Uros Islands, because the way of life there is fascinating and the people seemed to have a wonderful sense of humor. Lastly, I think I could go the rest of my life without seeing a guinea pig again! (I’ll spare you the shots of the roasted one with its big nasty rodent teeth.) See my pictures!Collapse )


Having recently viewed several pieces on YouTube about wardrobe selection on “The Good Wife”, I have been watching the show with an even greater attention to detail. (As if I didn’t already have enough to keep track of, with the complex story arcs, sharp dialogue, and dynamic acting!) The thought that goes into dressing the show’s ensemble of characters deserves some appreciation, so here are a few observations on the aesthetic choices in the latest episode... Great FirewallCollapse )

My 48 Hour Glamathon, Part II

It’s taken me longer than anticipated to finish this recap, in large part due to the inevitable crash and onset of ennui that follows the elation of attending a Glam Nation concert (my last of the summer unless something miraculous happens *sob*). I was also distracted by a new obsession (Millennium Trilogy, FTW!), which I hope to blog about this week, before I leave for a trip abroad (hence the travel-oriented current layout). So without further ado…Collapse )

My 48 Hour Glamathon, Part I

Disclaimer: As with my last recap, this is a warning that the whole thing goes on far too long and is packed with minutiae. I did a lot of people-watching at Chesaning, so my descriptions are heavily weighted in that direction. Please remember that this account is based on my perceptions of the events described, and filtered through my memory, which is of course not infallible. I don’t take any notes while I’m at the concert, so there is a lot floating through my head by the time I get home and start typing. I hope that the result is somewhat coherent and of interest to others…Read more on Adam's night at the Chesaning Showboat Music FestivalCollapse )
Last night, I had a dream about putting on black eyeliner with chunks of glitter in it. I don’t know that such a product exists, but the fact I'm even wondering about it is a telling window into my psyche since returning from Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour.

Warning: I do not have a succinct way to sum up my experience as a whole, so I will focus (perhaps too much) on the details. I want to remember as much of the journey as possible, so I have created a written record while the memory is fresh.Collapse )
I love going through poetry I've read before and finding new meanings/insights as they relate to my current ship. With Kish, my initial inspiration was a book on the Medieval principles of Courtly Love. The idealism and longing of those poems and stories was a great reminder of the universality of Kish's romance. I started delving into other volumes of poetry and famous quotations on my bookshelf, finding that I would visualize a specific moment/image from Kish's story for a line or stanza that particularly resonated with me. I decided to compile these together in a sort of literary collage (okay, okay – a glorified picspam). And now, here is my celebration of Kyle and Oliver's love story, via bits of poetry and prose…Collapse )


Speechless (The ABC Outrage Version)

For those who don't know, OLTL's Kyle and Fish pairing was brutally axed last week. The ensuing PR nightmare has been unlike anything I've witnessed before in over 20 years of soap viewing. After several days of shellshock, I was struck with Gaga-fueled inspiration...Collapse )


The X-tasy and The Agony

Something to cheer about: I finally finished my first X-Files vid! Woohoo!!!

Something to jeer about: Back to work tomorrow. (It wouldn't be so bad if I could just go to my office; instead, I'll be subjected to at least half a day of meetings and administrative pep talks first. Bah humbug!)

But back to the good stuff: my vid! While far from a masterpiece, I am pleased with how it has turned out. It makes me smile, and I hope it will have the same effect on other shippers. So here it is...

Fandom: The X-Files, Scully/Mulder
Song/Artist: Make Someone Happy, Jimmy Durante
Warnings: None
Category: Romance/Fluff
Summary: Making someone else happy is one of life's most rewarding feelings; for Mulder, that special someone is Scully.
Download: MegaUpload
Stream: YouTube

As summer slips away...

The season of pears was upon them soon, at that point in August when nothing tangible suggests the demise of summer, except our apprehension.

-David Guterson, East of the Mountains

So I'm finally digging back into reading something other than fanfic and text books for the first time in years. Earlier this summer, I checked out James Ellroy's "L.A. Confidential". Right now I'm reading David Guterson's "East of the Mountains". It started out rather depressing, but I enjoy the elegiac tone and the descriptions of the landscape. I love beautiful scenery and often long for wide open spaces where you can see all the way to the horizon in every direction. I love the sense of space and time that Guterson conjures in my mind's eye.

During my days, I've been busying myself with cleaning around the house and preparing for a garage sale. I hope all this work will prove fruitful, both in terms of earning a bit of cash and (better yet) clearing some of the clutter.

I was working on some X-Files mvids for a while, but the clips are so hard to work with that the frustration got the better of me and I quit for a while. The other day I got inspired to work on something again, so I went ahead and finished a Jammy vid I started a while back. I really wanted to just get it done, so it's not my best work, but it felt good to complete something.

Going to see The X-Files movie again, probably tomorrow. Perhaps I'll post some thoughts on that after my next viewing...


And so it begins...

Well, here I am. Finally taking a technological hop forward by trying out this whole blogging thing. I probably won't be updating this much because 1) I don't expect anyone to be all that interested in reading it and 2) I am horrible at updating anything in a timely manner. But it will be nice to know I have this little corner of the 'net to share my views. Now let's see if I can actually figure out how to get this to post...

ETA: Success! *pumps fist*